Release of the Version 0.6.1

User's visible changes:

Internal changes:

This is a minor release. Thanks to Vicente Merlo, fBlog speak Portuguese now! To test this new release, run at command-line: `$ LANG=pt fblog' .
You can do the same with French language: `$ LANG=fr fblog' .

If you are a translator, please e-mail me!

Release of the Version 0.6.0

User's visible changes:

Internal changes:

This is a major release! All the code was reviewed and rearranged. For the first time, there is not executable file binaries provided with this release. It was noticed incompatibilities with old Linux kernels and seams better to switch to the traditional Autotools now. Sorry for people that don't have yet GCC compiler (with gfortran included in it). As all distros now provides gfortran, it must not be a serious problem. Be advised you need a recent gfortan, at least the version 4.8.5! Then, follow the instructions in the README file to compile fBlog.

If you have any trouble, please e-mail me!

Failed to run 32 bit binary

As I asked in the previous post, I received a report about the new 32 bit binary shipped in the fblog- release. Bad news:

FATAL: kernel too old
Segmentation fault

From my side, I found a forgotten laptop of my own (bought in 2008, an Asus Eee PC 4G) and I did the test: same result.

So, I can't tell you if this 32 bit binary run on modern Linux system or not. And I didn't know if the problem is from the version of compiler by itself or the kernel version of the machine where the binary is built. It could be also an other parameter like the libc version or the linker version.

Release of the Version

I received, to day, a mail asking binary for 32 bit. Contrary to the previous releases, the fBlog-0.5.5 doesn't provide 32 bit binary but only a unique 64 bit one. My problem is I don't have anymore a 32 bit computer. However, it is possible to cross-compile from a 64 bit PC toward a 32 bit PC by adding a -m32 option to the compile command. Hence, the command is:

gforftran -v -m32 -static -std=f2008 -o fblog src/fblog.f08

So, I released in emergency fblog- but I can't test the 32 binary. Please, report any failure! (Positive reports are apreciated too!)

Syndication feeds

I talked with an user (Zeug) requesting RSS feed for fBlog. I wasn't enthusiast for this idea as I thought RSS feed was less used than in the past. But he changed my mind... So, in a future release of fBlog, you will have RSS!

Compilation on OpenBSD 5.8

An user (zeug) reported me a failure to compile fBlog on OpenBSD 5.8 . First investigations shown that the present version of gFortran on this distro is too old. Latest invesgation gives:


turns out that OpenBSD comes with:

1) gfortran (GNU Fortran 4.2.something)
2) gcc (GCC without Fortran)
3) g95 (GNU Fortran 4.8 and 4.9) ...


(Don't ask me...)

I finally could start using it. :-) Just in case someone else will ask
you for that one day.

So, the newest version of gfortran on OpenBSD is renamed "g95"...

Release of the Version 0.5.5

User's visible changes:

Internal changes:

Release of the Version 0.5.4

This release brings only one visible change for users: the previous standard style sheets has been removed for a new unique one. This new standard CSS is very different than the oldest!

The biggest change comes from the re-writing of the source code.

Release of the Version 0.5.3

This release brings only one minor correction to the code: the previous style sheets are still valid. The most noticiable change is 6 new style sheets and the sofware documentation (in French only, for instance).

These new style sheets stands inside 3 folders (photo, tone-on-rone and gradiant) and are in 2 versions (one for each side menu). This a beginning, there will be more CSSs in the future!

Second correction to the version 0.5

Following to the tests performed by two readers of the forum (in French) LinuxFr, I amplified the documentation for the environment variable EDITOR. I added too a missing HTML tag "hr" at the template home. Last, I increased the vertical space between the end of articles and the mention at the bottom (like "Powered by fBlog" in some CSS templates.